سیم گیتار الکتریک Ibanez Super Light 9-42

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    75,000 تومان

    Ibanez Super Light 9-42

    • Set of Super Light strings for a 6 string electric guitar
    • Super light gauge: 009/ .011/ .016/ .024/ .032/ .042
    • The lower 3 wound strings are nickel wound over American hexagonal steel core wire for increased strength
    • Designed by Ibanez for use with any make and model of 6 string electric guitar
    • Available in a range of gauges

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    ضخامت سیم | Gauge 9-42
    لایه محافظ | Coated ندارد
    جنس لایه بیرونی | Winding Material Nickel Wound

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