هد آمپلی فایر PRS Head MT 15

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هد آمپلی فایر پی آر اس سیگنچر مارک ترمونتی با صدای بی نظیر خود، شما را شگفت زده خواهد کرد.

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هد آمپلی فایر پی آر اس مارک ترمونتی PRS Head MT 15

PRS Head MT 15

  • Signature compact amp head of Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti
  • Full/Half Power switch selects 15 or 7-watt operation for varying headroom
  • External bias control offers effortless adjustment for a tech
  • 2-channels deliver spanky cleans, vintage crunch, and over-the-top gain
  • Effects loop is ideal for time-based effects

Mark Tremonti's Signature Amp

The PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 15/7-watt tube amplifier head sings with the high-gain detail, crystal cleans, and flexibility that Tremonti relies on for his legendary work in Tremonti and Alter Bridge.

And best of all, it does it in a compact amplifier that is switchable between roaring-loud 15-watt and manageable 7-watt performance.

The MT15's two channels offer enough tonal shaping to make it a go-to studio amplifier for any style of playing. And thanks to the effects loop around back, it's easy to expand the tonal horizons of this diminutive monster.

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    بد           خوب
قدرت خروجی آمپ 15/7W (Switchable)
تعداد کانال | Channels 2
تعداد ورودی | Inputs 1 x 1/4"
پدال کنترل | Foot Switch 1-Button Footswitch (Channel Gain/Clean)
ریورب | Reverb ندارد
اکولایزر | Equalizer Presence,Treble, Middle, Bass
خروجی | Out put 2 x 1/4" (8 ohms parallel), 1 x 1/4" (16 ohm)
مدل و تعداد لامپ های Pre amp 6x JJ EC83S
مدل و تعداد لامپ های Power amp 2x 6L6GCMS
وزن | weight 8kg

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