اسپیکر مانیتور Mackie XR624

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Mackie XR624

Professional level performance
Logarithmic waveguide provides acoustic alignment for balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum
ELP™ Bass Reflex System engineered for zero turbulence, providing greatly increased output capability and extended low-frequency response
1” black anodized aluminum tweeter reveals the finest details and upper harmonics of your mix.
6.5” Kevlar® woofer offers fast transient recovery for incredibly accurate low frequency response
Specially designed internal bracing adds stiffness for reduced distortion and enhanced clarity
160W bi-amplified Class-D amplification (100LF / 60HF
Frequency response: 45 Hz – 22 kHz
Optimize XR monitors for your sound and mixing environment
Adjustable acoustic space filters maintain flat response in typical placement
HF filter applies boost or cut to compensate for particularly dull or bright sounding rooms
LF filter rolls of the low end to simulate smaller speakers for reference
Attention to the detail
Eco-friendly auto turn-off / turn-on
Black wood grain finish for a classic studio feel
Included custom acoustic isolation pad reduces unwanted resonance and improves bass response

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    بد           خوب
سایز ووفر | LF Driver Size 6.5"
توان ووفر 100W
توان توییتر 60W
سایز توییتر | HF Driver Size 1"
توان | Total Power 160W
تنظیمات کالیبراسیون اتاق دارد
محل خروجی هوا دارد
پاسخ فرکانسی | Frequency Response 45Hz-22kHz
نوع ورودی | Input Types 1 x 1/4", 1 x XLR
وزن | Weight 23.4 lbs.

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