Dean Markley

سیم گیتار الکتریک Dean Markley Blue Steel LTHB7 2558A

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    150,000 تومان

    سیم گیتار الکتریک Dean Markley Blue Steel LTHB7 2558A

    Dean Markley Blue Steel LTHB7 2558A

    Last up to 3X longer - Amazing Tone - Effortless Feel - High Output - Great Sustain Cryogenically treated to enhance tone and feel while creating a longer lasting and more durable string. The cryogenic process removes transient material that produces harsh highs and muddy lows that kill the sound and life of your string. Made of 8% nickel-plated steel outer wrap on tinned Mandolin wire hex-core, Blue Steel strings have been best sellers worldwide for over 30 years and are used by the best musicians everywhere. Once you try Blue Steel strings you’ll be hooked. They feel great, ring true, are durable and long-lasting with harmonics you won't find in any other string.

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    ضخامت سیم | Gauge 10-60
    لایه محافظ | Coated Cryogenically treated
    جنس لایه داخلی | Core Material hex-core
    جنس لایه بیرونی | Winding Material Nickel-plated Steel
    نوع لایه بیرونی | Winding Type Round Wound

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