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Bugera Nuke BTX36000 Bass Amplifier Head Features:

  • Extremely powerful 3,800-watt true bi-amping stereo bass amplifier
  • Ultra-flexible 2 x 1,950-watt stereo or 3,800-watt bridged mode
  • Integrated crossover has dedicated frequency and balance controls for bi-amping operation
  • Active 9-band graphic EQ for total sound control
  • Dedicated bass, mid level, frequency, and treble controls enable ultimate sound-shaping capabilities
  • Switchable ultra-low and ultra-high processing for extra sparkle or boom
  • Integrated compressor increases sustain and smoothes out volume when playing dynamic slaps
  • Bright function enhances presence even through hefty compression
  • Switchable limiter for tremendous volume, zero distortion, and total system protection
  • Balanced DI outputs with pre/post routing gets your bass in the mix
  • Tuner outputs on front and rear panel for easy connectivity
  • Stereo effects loop for external effects units and pedalboards
  • Included dual footswitch lets you control the graphic EQ and effects loop
  • Protective technology on each channel keeps your amplifier and speakers thumping all night
  • High-quality, rugged construction for a long life

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