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In this course, we're going to continue viewing the fingerboard in terms of areas and scales that are associated with them.In my world, scale form is synonymous with scale fingering. We'll be dealing with the major scale and the modes that it generates. You'll have a whole series of scale forms that can be rooted off the 6th string based on the scale degree, off the root of the prevailing chord, or off the root of the parent scale.There are a lot of different approaches here: You're going to get some fingerings that are rather awkward for maybe single note soloing, but when it comes to chord melody and embellishing chords you'll see how it serves you. Bottom line is that you're going to practice over some static modal vamps which are easy (intellectually), and we're also going to tackle playing through changes where we use different scale forms to navigate through the chord changes while we keep our hand in pretty much the same general area. So, grab your guitar and let's get down on Scale Form Logic Vol. 2!

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