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Hi, I'm Brad Carlton, and welcome to the first edition of Guitar Lab:

Scale Form Logic.The guitar is not like the piano in terms of note location: There is redundancy, as the same pitch can be located in several places on the guitar fingerboard. This necessitates a system of organizing fingerings for chords, scales, and arpeggios. This course is designed to assist the guitarist in systematically studying this redundancy, which will allow access to the entire fingerboard in any key. In this volume, we'll deal with the pentatonic scale and you'll learn how to locate each form based on the root which will always reside on a particular string. Another point of reference for each scale form will be the chord forms out of the CAGED and EDCAG system. You'll be provided jam tracks which are modal in nature that will allow you to saturate your ears, eyes, and head with one tonality throughout the full range of the fingerboard. You'll also receive jam tracks with chord changes that are changing keys. To accommodate these key changes, you'll learn how to utilize different scale forms while keeping your hand in the same general area of the fingerboard.

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