آمپلی فایر گیتار باس Peavey MAX 112

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    ویدیو تست و بررسی آمپلی فایر گیتار باس Peavey MAX 112

    Peavey MAX 112

    he Peavey MAX 112 combo bass amp is ready for gigs and practices. If you're tired of lugging around heavy gear to small gigs and rehearsals, then try plugging in to the MAX 112. Peavey's exclusive psychoacoustic low-end enhancement is designed to add low end without harming the speaker. With 200 watts of power and backed with Peavey's own DDT speaker protection circuitry, you're free to play all night long through the heavy-duty 12" woofer. There's even a 3-band EQ onboard with buttons for punch, mid-shift, and bright. Peavey wrapped the MAX 112 up by adding a headphone out and CD/line input for added flexibility.

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    قدرت خروجی آمپ 200 watts into 8 ohms
    بلندگو | Speaker 12 inch
    ورودی آکس | Aux In 1/8" aux input
    کنترل ها | Controls Pre-gain control with Transtube® gain boost
    اکولایزر | Equalizer 3 band EQ with Punch, Mid-shift and Bright controls
    خروجی | Out put 1/8" phones output
    تیونر | Tuner دارد
    ابعاد بدنه | Dimentions W=16.5" X H=20.25" X D=16.375"
    وزن | weight 18.1kg

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