گیتار الکتریک LTD MH50 BLACK

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تست صدای گیتار LTD MH50

گیتار الکتریک LTD MH50

گیتار الکتریک LTD MH50 BLACK از ظاهری زیبا ، صدای فوق العاده و کیفیت بالایی برخوردار است . این گیتار با وجود داشتن ویژگی هایی نظیر پیکاپ های ESP Designed LH-150 ، بریج Floyd Rose ، دسته Maple و فرت برد RoseWood همراه با 24 فرت Extra-Jumbo از قیمت مناسبی برخوردار میباشد که همین امر موجب محبوب و پرطرفدار بودن این ساز فوق العاده گردیده است.


High-performance Guitar for an Unbeatable Value

The ESP LTD MH-50 is an affordable hard-rock and metal guitar that boasts a bevy top top-shelf features. You'll be taken by the basswood body's seductively carved top and deep contours, including the contoured heel that offers fantastic upper-fret access. The dual LH-150 humbucking pickups push plenty of output to make your Floyd-style dive bombs scream through your favorite amp. Put the MH-50 — with it's incredibly fast-playing Thin U profile maple neck

Top-shelf touches

Even though the ESP LTD MH-50 comes in at a wallet-friendly price, it is absolutely crammed with appointments often found on custom-shop instruments. The most apparent is the beautifully sculpted basswood body. The arched top offers a touch of elegance, while the deep contours create an ergonomic playing experience. The expertly carved cutaways and contoured heel let you access all 24 extra-jumbo frets with ease. Finally, a Floyd Rose-licensed tremolo gives you ultimate pitch control with the peace of mind that comes with a double-locking design.

Big humbucking tone

ESP gave the LTD MH-50 a wide range of tone by loading it up with a set of ESP Designed LH-150 pickups. These well-rounded humbuckers can be used for anything from straight-up rock to blues to metal. But cranking the gain on your amp will really bring these pickups to life. Use the LTD MH-50's bridge pickup for stabbing solo tones and tight rhythms. Flip to the neck pickup for liquid-sounding leads. The tone of the LH-150 humbuckers will blow you away.

ESP quality at a value-packed price

ESP LTD guitars were created to bring a more affordable version of the classic designs and quality of ESP guitars to a new market. The entire ESP LTD line of instruments feature premium tonewoods, quality pickups, and solid hardware for a lifetime of use. An exacting eye to detail and quality means that every instrument is ready to rock when it leaves the factory. An impressive list of signature guitars by some of today's biggest guitar heroes shows the popularity and respect held by ESP LTD. If you're looking for the perfect rock or metal guitar, then you need to check out ESP LTD Guitars.

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جنس بدنه | Body Material Basswood
جنس دسته گیتار | Neck Material Maple
طول دسته گیتار | Scale 25.5"
عرض دسته گیتار | Nut Width 42mm
نوع گوشی ها | Tuners LTD
صفحه انگشت گذاری | Fretboard Rosewood
تعداد فرت | Frets Count 24 XJ
نوع اتصال دسته گیتار به بدنه | Neck Joint Bolt-On
نوع پیکاپ | Pickups Passive
پیکاپ بالا | Neck Pickup ESP Designed LH-150N
پیکاپ پایین | Bridge Pickup ESP Designed LH-150B
کنترل ها | Controls Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch
نوع خرک (بریج) | bridge LTD by Floyd Rose

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