گیتار الکتریک Cort CR250 VB

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گیتار الکتریک Cort CR250 VB

Cort CR250 VB

The Classic Rock Series delivers the look, feel and performance of the much sought-after vintage instruments from the Golden Era of electric guitars. At the heart of each CR Series guitar is the specially designed ClassicRocker pickups for an authentic vintage rock sound and response. CR250's ClassicRocker-II pickups are using selected Alnico II & 0.06" custom gauge coils, these PAF inspired pickups capture the essence of vintage.

Classic Design

The CR250's classic design features a single-cutaway body, carved flame maple top and set-neck construction.

ClassicRocker-II Pickups

Using selected Alnico II & 0.06" custom gauge coils, its hot, fat and vintage sound are the words that you will use to describe the ClassicRocker-II pickups. These PAF inspired pickups capture the essence of vintage.

Vintage Machineheads

Classic aesthetics with modern tuning stability for the best of both worlds.

GraphTech Nubone Nut

Enhanced balance, stronger highs and lows, light weight, and elimination of dead spots are the immediately noticeable benefits of the innovative Nubone nut.

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جنس بدنه | Body Material Mahogany
جنس دسته گیتار | Neck Material Mahogany
طول دسته گیتار | Scale 24.75"
عرض دسته گیتار | Nut Width 42mm (1.65")
نوع گوشی ها | Tuners Vintage
صفحه انگشت گذاری | Fretboard Rosewood / Radius: 305mm (12")
تعداد فرت | Frets Count 22 Frets / Medium Sized / Nickel
نوع اتصال دسته گیتار به بدنه | Neck Joint Set-Neck
نوع صدف کاری دسته گیتار | Inlays ClassicRocker-II (Alnico II)
پیکاپ بالا | Neck Pickup ClassicRocker-II (Alnico II)
پیکاپ پایین | Bridge Pickup 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3way switch
کنترل ها | Controls T.O.M Bridge & Stop Tailpiece
حاشیه گیتار | Binding Ivory

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