سازدهنی Hohner Pocket pal


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ساز دهنی دیاتونیک در گام C

Hohner Pocket pal

The Hohner Pocket Pal measures about 4.9 x 3.7 inches. So, it's easy to put in your pocket and take with you anywhere. Unlike many high-end Hohners, this harmonica has a plastic comb, not a wood comb. However, it still produces a nice tone. It's a nice little diatonic for anyone that just wants to play a tune whenever and wherever the mood strikes, but it is not the most reliable instrument. The reeds may break or it may sound flat after a short time. So, this is a good cheap harp for anyone that plays as a hobby, but not a good choice for anyone who really wants to belt out the blues on a regular basis.

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Key C
Type Diatonic
Number of holes 10
Length 10.5cm
Tonal range 3 octaves
Cover plates stainless steel