سازدهنی Hohner Hot Metal

ساز دهنی دیاتونیک در گام C

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ارسال رایگان برای خرید بالای ۵۰۰،۰۰۰ تومان

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ساز دهنی هوهنر Hohner Hot Metal

ساز دهنی دیاتونیک در گام C

Hohner Hot Metal

Powerful, loud, fast – metal and rock can be a sonic steam train. A wall of sound, with fast drums, hard guitars, and strong melodies. When thinking of metal, would you consider the harmonica to be a suitable instrument? Well, it is! And with the Hot Metal, you have the perfect first tester to see how a harmonica would work with your metal sound. But be warned: you will fall in love with it.

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    بد           خوب
Key C
Type Diatonic
Number of holes 10
Length 10.5 cm
Tonal range 3 octaves
Cover plates stainless steel

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