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گیتار الکتریک Fender Eric Clapton Strat Blackie

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ویدیو تست صدای Fender Eric Clapton Strat Blackie

Fender Eric Clapton Strat Blackie

You'd think that any famous guitarist would want to pick some amazingly maple or ash for his own personal instrument, but this simple alder-bodied guitar is as close to Eric Clapton's own go-to guitar as you can get. And once you play the Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster, you'll know why! Thanks to the active 25dB midrange boost and TBX circuitry, you can go from crystal clear tone to a full-throated growl with the simple spin of a knob. Combine that with three of Fender's legendary Vintage Noiseless pickups and the supple feel of a blocked American vintage synchronized tremolo, and you get the same kind of performance Eric Clapton himself relies on every time he takes the stage with this Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster.

The Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster comes standard with a modern 5-way blade switch, making it easy to access all the standard Strat tones. But that's just the beginning. The 25dB midrange boost gives the Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster the kind of beefy tone you'd typically expect from a humbucker. Tap into the onboard Fender TBX master tone control, which can smoothly go from bright and glossy to dark and smoky by rolling off the highs!

A little-known fact about the Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster's custom neck carve is that it's actually based on Clapton's most prized acoustic guitars. By smoothing down the more dramatic Fender "V" shape, the Fender Custom Shop was able to create a neck profile perfectly suited to Eric Clapton's taste. What's more, this 1-piece maple neck and fretboard comes finished with an ultra smooth satin coat, making it one of the fastest and most comfortable Strat necks we've ever encountered.

The Fender Custom Shop has been building dream guitars for the cream of the guitar crop for decades. From faithful reproductions of classic axes of the past to fully tweaked customs such as the Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster, the Fender Custom Shop builds guitars like no other. When you pick up this Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster for the first time, you'll know why few instruments command the level of respect commanded by Fender Custom Shop models.

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جنس بدنه | Body Material Alder
جنس دسته گیتار | Neck Material Maple
صفحه انگشت گذاری | Fretboard Maple
تعداد فرت | Frets Count 22
پیکاپ بالا | Neck Pickup Vintage Noiseless Single-coil
پیکاپ وسط | Middle Pickup Vintage Noiseless Single-coil
پیکاپ پایین | Bridge Pickup Vintage Noiseless Single-coil
نحوه قرار گرفتن پیکاپ ها | Pickup Config SSS
پیکاپ سلکتور | Pickup Selector 5-way Switch, Mid-boost
کنترل ها | Controls 1x Volume, 2 x Tone, 5-way Switch, Mid-boost
نوع خرک (بریج) | bridge Tremolo (Blocked)

برچسب ها: قیمت گیتار فندر, نمایندگی گیتار فندر در ایران, نمایندگی فروش گیتار فندر،قیمت خرید گیتار فندر اریک کلپتون Fender Eric Clapton Strat Blackie