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سیم گیتار الکتریک Blackhawk Coated LT

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    سیم گیتار الکتریک Blackhawk Coated LT

    Blackhawk Coated LT

    Dean Markley Blackhawk Coated Electric Strings Now we’ve gone and done it. Dean Markley’s cutting edge Blackhawk Coated Electric strings deliver mind-blowing, soaring tone that cuts through every time. Constructed with a high-carbon nickel-plated steel wire core, they are covered with a break-through micro-thin coating that keeps them in tune and singing for up to four times longer than uncoated strings. Built to keep you playing non-stop, they’re break-resistant, too. Want the most driving, most powerful playing experience every time? Blackhawk Coated Electric strings will take you there.

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    ضخامت سیم | Gauge 9-42
    لایه محافظ | Coated دارد
    جنس لایه داخلی | Core Material High-Carbon Nickel-Plated Steel
    جنس لایه بیرونی | Winding Material Micro-Thin Coating
    نوع لایه بیرونی | Winding Type Round Wound

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