افکت گیتار الکتریک Mooer GE300

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ارسال رایگان برای سراسر ایران در ازاء خرید بیش از مبلغ ۵۰۰،۰۰۰ تومان

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اشتراک گذاریاشتراک گذاری

11,900,000 تومان

ویدیو معرفی مولتی افکت Mooer GE300

Mooer GE300

the GE300 has everything a good quality multi-F X unit needs. There’s no plastic casing here, instead it has a housing made of polished aluminium with what look like decent controllers, 10 freely programmable footswitches, a large colour LCD display as well as extensive connections including two Exp connections, headphone socket and an AUX input.

The modelling software includes 108 preamps, 164 effects and 43 cabs. The latter can make a world of difference for the feel and the sound, so I’m glad to see that loading your own Impulse Responses is also possible, making this a ‘pro spec’ unit.

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