Sazforoosh Festival 2020

سیم گیتار کلاسیک Daddario EJ25C

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سیم گیتار کلاسیک داداریو Daddario EJ25C

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Daddario EJ25C

Custom Tension

EJ25C Flamenco sets are constructed using a new variation of our exclusive multifilament stranded core material that dramatically improves the life and tuning consistency of the wound strings when compared to traditional nylon cores. Complimented by clear nylon trebles, this set was created and tested with artists worldwide to deliver a flexible feel while still maintaining a quick attack response that is essential for flamenco players. This Flamenco set is also available in a black nylon version (EJ25B), providing tone and appearance options for both traditional and progressive players. Includes Alternate Composite 3rd String for increased projection.

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Tension Custom

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