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آموزش مجموعه ریتم و ملودی و ... نوازندگی گیتار کوبایی می باشد. این آموزشی میتواند برای نوازنده های گیتار سبک های تلفیقی ...فلامنکو و لاتین بسیار جذاب باشد.


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In this course, we're going to explore different Cuban guitar styles, much like the ones made famous by The Buena Vista Social Club. Their music had been around for more than a century before Ry Cooder reintroduced it.Styles like the the son, son montuno, the guajira, guaracha, and Cuban bolero have typical guitar parts, based on the claves. Clave is a rhythmic cell that comes in two directions: 2-3 and 3-2. We'll focus mainly on the son. Son music consists of many sub-styles like the son montuno. This is a happy sounding style, used for dancing. Other substyles are the son and guaracha. The guaracha has a strong and fixed rhythmic pattern. The guajira is a more subtle Cuban country style. We'll also play a romantic Cuban bolero and a danzón. Danzón is an elegant music and dance style. And finally, we'll play a cha cha chá.All of these guitar styles have a tumbao, which is a rhythmic pattern based on the claves rhythm. You'll learn how to get a solid grip on the different tumbaos within each style. As always, all the performances and breakdowns come with tabs, notation, and backing tracks. Manos a la obra.

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