ویدیو آموزشی Brad Carltons Guitar Lab Chord Melody Vol1

آموزش کورد ملودی (Chord Melody) توسط Brad Carlton از محدود متد هایی می باشد که شما را درکیفیت اجراهایتان فارغ از سبک نوازندگی یاری می کند. با این متد آموزشی می توانید مهارت اجرای هم زمان آکورد و ملودی را فرا بگیرید و بتوانید این متد اجرایی را بر روی اکثر قطعات گیتار پیاده سازی کنید.


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This course is designed to take the mystery away from the huge topic of chord melody on the guitar. Although I've titled the course chord melody, the information in this course applies to rhythm and soloing. By being aware of the prevailing chord and how a note functions in reference to that chord, you will have a foundation for harmonic and melodic options. We will be strictly in the key of C major and will focus on the one chord, which is a C major chord. By systematically working through various options of numbers of voices, you'll have at your disposal various levels of harmonic density.

The second half of this course will examine the seven notes of the major scale as the melody. Throughout this course, you'll be encouraged to memorize the information on the guitar fingerboard which will then allow you to clearly see all of your options. The ultimate goal for this series of lessons on chord melody is to show you where to look on the guitar for a wide array of harmonic and melodic sounds, thus enabling you to be more creative in your music making process.

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