61-keysynth-action arranger keyboard with velocity and aftertouch

EnhancedRX (Real eXperience) sound engine offers improved realism and new vivid sound,including pianos borrowed from the acclaimed Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano,plus Ambience Drums

Massiveinternal ROM - plus up to 256 MB of user PCM data (equivalent to 512 MB)provides an extraordinarily powerful wave memory, delivering the best soundquality possible

Threeassignable switches, a four-way joystick, and ribbon strip ensure total controlfor the many available levels of sound articulation (DNC)

Elegantlydesigned and reliable aluminum cabinet

TouchViewTFT display

Professionalgraphic interface with new Search facility for quickly locating musicalresources

Self-refreshingPCM Data memory backup - supported by Intelligent Re-Charge system - ensuresfast startup

ImprovedStyle and Performance selection, Over 400 factory Styles; each with 4variations and 4 Fill Ins + Break, plus 15 user banks for unlimited storage ofyour favorite customized or user created Styles and settings

EnhancedGuitar Mode 2 for even more realistic guitar parts

ChordSequencer function records any chord progression on-the-fly

Upto 8 Stereo Effects at once, including flexible Master and Insert routing forStyles and songs. New Vintage Effects from the acclaimed SV-1 Stage VintagePiano

TC-HeliconVocal Processor (VoiceLive2 derived) with dedicated professional effects

AdaptiveMic Setting provides a virtual sound engineer to automatically set the bestEQ/Compressor/Gate settings for your voice

ProfessionalFinal Mastering tools from "Waves Audio" plugins "MaxxAudio" suite

DoubleMP3/MIDI files player and recorder with Advanced Vocal Remover

Enhancedcompatibility with Lyrics in graphical format (+G) for MIDI files and MP3 files

AudioChord Detection function that automatically extracts chords to send to theVocal Processor from MP3 files

Enhancedsound compatibility for GM songs

Multi-languageextended character set. Lyrics can be showed in their original languages(except the Oriental and the Arabic Languages)


KORGEDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator

120Voices, 120 Oscillators

Filterswith Resonance

3-bandEQ for each track

Upto 8 Stereo Digital Multi-Effects block system

140Effects types plus Vocoder

FinalMastering Effects by Waves


DamperPedal (support half-pedaling with optional DS-1H pedal), AssignablePedal/Switch, EC-5 (Programmable Multi-Switches)

AnalogOutputs: Unbalanced/Balanced Jack Left/Mono, Right/Mono, Out 1, Out 2,Headphones (in the front panel)

DigitalOutputs: S/P DIF (48 kHz - coaxial), mirroring the Main Stereo Outputs

LineInputs: 2 Unbalanced/Balanced Jack Left/Mono, Right/Mono

MicrophoneInput: Combo XLR balanced with Gain control (15 to 50 dB) and switchablePhantom Power

MIDI:In, Out, Thru; standard Midi connectors

USBto Midi using the USB Device port

USB:2 USB Host Front/Rear (2.0 Hi Speed) and 1 USB Device Rear (1.1 Full Speed)connections

HardDisk/Mass Storage: Standard 4GB memory USB

Weight:32.4 lbs


جهت مشاوره و کسب اطلاعات در مورد کالای فوق می توانید از راههای زیر با کارشناسان ما تماس حاصل فرمایید:

تماس از طریق تلگرام: tlg sazforooshsupport@
شماره تماس:66751234-021
همراه: 09125858975 (تماس در وقت اداری)

نوشتن نظر

توجه: لطفا فارسی تایپ کنید.
    بد           خوب
کیبورد آموزشی ، ارنجر، ورک استیشن، سینتی سایزر
تعداد کلاویه 61
افتر تاچ دارد
صفحه نمایش TFT display
پشتیبانی از سمپل 256 MB of user PCM data (equivalent to 512 MB)
پلی فونی 128
تعداد ورودی صدا 2
تعداد خروجی صدا 4
پورت MIDI دارد
پخش کننده MP3 دارد-خذف آواز
پورت خروجی USB دارد
تعداد ریتم Over 400 factory Styles; each with 4 variations and 4 Fill
تعداد صدا 120 Voices, 120 Oscillators
پیچ بند دارد
ورودی پدال Assignable-damper
ریبون دارد
ابعاد | Dimentions 80 x 366 x 145 mm
وزن دستگاه 14.7 kg
پایه نت دارد
دفترچه راهنما زبان انگلیسی

Korg کیبورد ارنجر KORG Pa3X 61

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جهت مشاوره و کسب اطلاعات در مورد کالای فوق می توانید از راههای زیر با کارشناسان ما تماس حاصل فرمایید:
تماس از طریق تلگرام:sazforooshsupport@
شماره تماس:021-66751234
همراه (تماس در وقت اداری): 09125858975
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